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Our Mission

By ensuring that underserved communities in the areas we operate have access to affordable solar power, we are actively creating a positive impact on both our local communities and the broader world. This commitment aligns with The Issa Foundation four primary objectives.

Who We Are

About The Founder

Abe Issa‘s story is not just a tale of entrepreneurial success; it’s a narrative that intertwines resilience, innovation, and a deep commitment to sustainable energy. Born in the early 1980s in Beirut, Issa’s early years were marked by the echoes of conflict and the challenges of growing up in a war-torn environment. These formative years, filled with uncertainty and adversity, laid the foundation for a life characterized by determination and a relentless pursuit of excellence.

Abe Issa

About The Issa Foundation

At the Issa Foundation, our aim is to ensure that solar power is both cost-effective and readily available to all homeowners in the areas we serve. Through our adaptable choices like our solar leasing initiative and various purchasing options, we're enabling families to make investments in their residences, reduce their energy expenses, and progress towards a greener future. The Issa Foundation takes pride in providing Solar For All!


Make a positive impact on the families we serve.

First and foremost, we are helping families to save money and improve the homes they live in. At the Issa Foundation, we don’t have to make every dollar, but we do have to save our customers every dollar.


Provide job opportunities to the communities we serve.

Inclusivity is a core principle for us, and we prioritize collaborating directly with individuals from the communities we serve. Over 65% of the Issa Foundation's workforce comprises women or individuals from diverse ethnic backgrounds


Support growth in underserved communities

By offering cost-effective solar solutions, we are instigating transformation in communities that require it the most. When our customers achieve savings on their utility expenses, those funds are reinvested directly into their local economy, bolstering growth at a community level.


Make a difference in our environment.

When solar is affordable, more people are likely to invest in the technology. While this creates a large environmental impact, it also has an extreme impact on our customers. The Issa Foundation’s energy efficiency upgrades ensure that our customers’ homes are safe, clean places to live in. Solar has a global impact—but the Issa Foundation is also helping our customers’ live safer, healthier lives.

The Change Starts With You

We invest in venues with opportunities to achieve clean energy victories across all levels of government.


We understand the financial challenges many face, which is why our programs are designed to be cost-effective, ensuring that solar energy is within reach for everyone.


By choosing solar power, you're not only saving money but also reducing your carbon footprint. Solar energy is clean, renewable, and environmentally friendly.


Our programs empower individuals and communities by giving them control over their energy source. Say goodbye to blackouts and energy shortages.


With years of experience in the solar industry, the Issa Foundation brings expertise and professionalism to every project, guaranteeing high-quality installations and service.>


We know where and when clean energy ideas can break through the opposition to become laws.

Big News Coming Soon!

Stay Tuned… As we are about to introduce some world changing news and information that is going to positively impact the efforts we’ve been moving towards!


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